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Mission Blue

George Town Harbor Hope Spot Poster

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This can be yours for a donation to Mission Blue! Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room, these puppies are printed in America, sweatshop free, on archival, acid-free paper.

The George Town Harbour area is one of the best known places in the Cayman Islands. Although long used as an active port, the Harbour is home to some of the world's most accessible reefs as well as iconic sites such as: Devil's Groto, Soto's Reef, Eden Rock, and the historic Wreck of the Balboa. This wreck is unique. It is the most shallow and protected wreck in the islands. More small schools of grunts and snappers shelter under the wreckage than we see on any of the other reefs along Grand Cayman’s west shore. The fish are found on all reefs but not in such noticeable schools as seen on the Balboa. All major phyla are found on the Balboa and the surrounding reef dredge zone: all forms of sponges are abundant under and around the wreckage, which attracts angel fish and turtles. In the past year there has been a fierce struggle to protect these sites and the surrounding areas. There are plans being put in place to further develop the harbour for use by larger cruise ships which will mean removal of reefs & wrecks which are home to a variety of sea life. The government wishes to dredge a large area which would ultimately destroy the fragile Balboa and nearby reefs. They argue that the dredging is necessary to create docks for mega cruise ships to come ashore. This debate has raged for years and each time the proposal comes up, it is struck down as the risks are far too great. This area is of ecological, economic, social, and cultural significance and its proposed destruction raises too many numerous red flags.

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